About the Shineboost Free FB Group

Shineboost for Biz Goddesses

Welcome intuitive readers, psychics, coaches, wellness experts, occult and transformative authors, healers of all types!!!

I am stoked you are ready to grow biz with fierce, Soul sparked power and presence!!

If you haven’t joined yet, click here!!

Biz Growth and building needs tons of support, emotional, strategic, AND Soul inspired! This group is for those who need to learn to ask for help, for those who want to build their soulsister biz and client tribes, get their shine on, and hone offering their healing magick.

I am thrilled and honored to be able to offer this space for #shineboosters to up-level thier businesses and soul missions.

Da Rulz:

**The only sales promotion allowed is allowed on Thursdays. Your blog posts, which should add value to this group’s daily topic, can be added as per the theme of the day. Add stuff that Shineboosters will LOVE, need to know, and think is fun!!!

** You may ask woo-woo as well as mundane questions. Our businesses might be born in spirit, but they are grounded in the physical!

** This is NOT a group for MLM or direct marketing team member recruitment.This isn’t MLM discrimination. Not every aspect of traditional biz building is going to apply to the direct marketing Goddess cuz of their company’s rules. I don’t want anyone getting their seller rights revoked!

** Remember is about relationship building and learning to create an online vibe that speaks to people. Support and connect before dropping your promo posts.

** If you are cutting and pasting your post into 10 groups in a row, STOP now. At least try and make it seem like you are an active part of the group by tailoring your posts and sales copy to the peeps in this group!! We aren’t one size fits all, we’re wondrous magickal biz goddesses! Speak to our magick!

** Feel like ranting?? Need to vent? I’m not going to tell you to be positive no matter what. Just label your post a RANT, so we can take it the way you meant it. If you are asking for advice or for light sent your way, label your post with what you are requesting!! Ask for what you need with clarity, so you can get clear responses!

Daily Themes:
Monday: Declare your goals
Tuesday: Fear Check
Wednesday: Dream bigger: live Q&A
Thursday: Share your magick
Friday: Free your light
Saturday: Nourish and renew
Sunday: Dream and plan

To invite your friends to this community, send them a personal message with the link to join: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1774468109487285/

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