Shineboost Inner Circle: for psychic readers, healers, and heart-centered coaches for support, guidance, and up-leveling your life and business

No matter how strongly I felt guided to start a biz, I struggled years to understand how to make it all come together. Day after day of putting my heart on my sleeve and putting on a brave face left me feeling:

  • Invisible to my soulmate tribe
  • Clueless or confused about what it takes to “make it”
  • Like my own worst enemy
  • Unclear about and doubting my purpose or what to offer
  • Shame and guilt for trying for something "more" and never quite getting there

If you're anything like me all those bumps along the road and doubt became very personal message about my self worth. I didn't realize that my unclarity about my biz and who I was serving was so tied to how I thought of my myself, that I was limiting my success and ability to feel good while shining brightly that I wouldn't have been successful without further soul-work. When I finally had my entrepreneurial awakening, I understood, that even though I thought I was following all the rules and doing everything all the big teachers talked about, that raising my biz vibe had more to do with my inner light and clarity than it did the newest trendiest technique.

It’s time to get the support, guidance, and community that is going to help you discover how to feel confident, trusting of self and universe, and ready to commit to growth without going insane!



We're sensitive, of course, we don't like fake, sleazy, or being all up in people's faces!!


It’s time to raise your biz vibe to:

  • Hold our businesses and boundaries sacred, so you can sell and lead with confidence and presence,
  • Create our messaging and marketing as we would spells of mass healing to attract your soulmate clients and raise the vibe for everyone,
  • Anchor in laser clarity about who it is we really are meant to serve, so we can package our services and teachings neatly so our soulmates have instant clarity about how we can help them and you are soulmates.


It shouldn’t be hard, it shouldn’t be such a struggle.

The right group = mind-blowing growth for you and your sacred biz temple!

Shine boost exists to get sensitive spiritual entrepreneurs the compassionate, action focused help they need to up-level their mindset, discover their signature sales system, and up- level their sales pieces bit by bit.


Shineboost Inner Circle will get you...

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Your Inner Circle membership come pre-loaded with over 50 hours of soulful biz content, valued at over $60!!!


Special time sensitive bonus!!!

If you become part of the Inner Circle before April 14th, 2017, you will get an extra Biz Shine Clarity session! 

Just think of it, you get just for being a member. But now you'll have a second session in your back pocket to pull out when you're stuck or ready to blast off!

That's an extra $120 in savings!!

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