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No matter how strongly I felt guided to start a biz, I struggled years to understand how to make it all come together. Day after day of putting my heart on my sleeve and putting on a brave face left me feeling:

  • Invisible to my soulmate tribe
  • Clueless or confused about what it takes to “make it”
  • Like my own worst enemy
  • Unclear about and doubting my purpose or what to offer
  • Shame and guilt for trying for something "more" and never quite getting there

If you're anything like me all those bumps along the road and doubt became very personal message about my self worth. I didn't realize that my unclarity about my biz and who I was serving was so tied to how I thought of my myself, that I was limiting my success and ability to feel good while shining brightly that I wouldn't have been successful without further soul-work. When I finally had my entrepreneurial awakening, I understood, that even though I thought I was following all the rules and doing everything all the big teachers talked about, that raising my biz vibe had more to do with my inner light and clarity than it did the newest trendiest technique.

It’s time to get the support, guidance, and community that is going to help you discover how to feel confident, trusting of self and universe, and ready to commit to growth without going insane!



What's so cool about Shineboost Inner Circle?

Sensitives are Special
We already feel we are our worst enemies! I bet that mindset has held you back in getting out there, doing market research, getting feedback, and in learning to edit your work, refine your babies. Too often mainstream biz courses are focused on the hustle, do it or die. Hasn't it left you feeling like you can't trust yourself or gift to help you on entrepreneurial journey? Our gifts are our strengths!!
Technique and strategy will only take you part way there.
There are hundreds and thousands of business classes and free trainings out there. I bet you’ve consumed and tried to process your fair share of them. Yet you’re still struggling. Think of this tribe as a lab to test and develop what you learned, while approaching your business as the sacred, amazing, and much-needed service/shop out there!! Learning to harness your innate Divine wisdom is an essential part for a soul-centered biz!
Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither will your biz
Creating a sacred Business temple takes time and it takes courageous soul shine to get moving as you build your high vibe sales pieces, process, and mindset! Taking one class or hiring one coach isn't going to cut it!

We're sensitive, of course, we don't like fake, sleazy, or being all up in people's faces!!


It’s time to raise your biz vibe to:

  • Hold our businesses and boundaries sacred, so you can sell and lead with confidence and presence,
  • Create our messaging and marketing as we would spells of mass healing to attract your soulmate clients and raise the vibe for everyone,
  • Anchor in laser clarity about who it is we really are meant to serve, so we can package our services and teachings neatly so our soulmates have instant clarity about how we can help them and you are soulmates.


It shouldn’t be hard, it shouldn’t be such a struggle.

The right group = mind-blowing growth for you and your sacred biz temple!

Shine boost exists to get sensitive spiritual entrepreneurs the compassionate, action focused help they need to up-level their mindset, discover their signature sales system, and up- level their sales pieces bit by bit.


Shineboost Inner Circle will get you...

Create your high-vibe Signature Sales System
Create high vibe magnetic sales pieces and processes to gather soulmate tribe, provide quality service, and have selling feel easier!
Biz theory for sensitive by a sensitive!
Monthly workshops and group support calls. A balance between implementation and learning. You help guide the topics, so you get the education you need.
Free biz shine clarity session (value $120)
Free 90 min 1-1 session with me for biz shine clarity. We'll look at where you are, where you want to be, and how to bridge the gap! Session is recorded for future use!
Access to the Shineboost library
Get info you need when you need it with access to current and future workshops, calls, and bonuses for length of membership.
2 Bonus Masterclasses: Thriving as an Intuitive and Empath (value $29.97) AND Dreamcasting: an intuitive planning guide for biz Goddesses (Value $19.97)
This heart and intuition-opening masterclass will reveal: * The #1 shift you need to become a fully activated lightworker, spiritual change-maker, or healer. * My simple 4-step practice that will keep you consistently open, high-vibe, and in-center. A true Goddess rising!! * The most effective heart-healing method for busting blocks, negativity, toxic and limiting beliefs and influences that is so powerful you won’t know how you lived without it!
Support and answers when you need it!
Live Q&A support in group and calls, videos, and community tribe in our private fb group

Take a sneak peak!

Your Inner Circle membership come pre-loaded with over 50 hours of soulful biz content, valued at over $60!!!


Am I locked in?
Nope! I want this to be a place you feel good about being in and returning when you need it again! We go through cycles of up-leveling and might need support on and off again! You can cancel your monthly membership at any time. If you pay for the whole year and decided within 30 days Shineboost isn't right for you, you can get a refund!
How fast-paced is this group?
Basically you can make this as fast or slow as you need! With this membership you will have access to a library of workshops, so you can work from there at any point. Each month we will have some a learning workshop, special guest, and/or implementation/Q&A call. You doan't have to follow the current monthly workshop if you don't want to! There are times for live office hours (sometimes livestream, sometime chatting in group) and support throughout the week, so if you come up with a question or stuck point, you will be able to get the support you need!
I'm just starting out. Is this group right for me?
Sure! This group is also for those who have already built their sites and packages but need to up-level the shine and vibe for better soulmate attraction!
Is this the same old business techniques you find anywhere else?
Business technique and theory is certainly a good tool. But we aren't slaves to it. We will cover a basic understanding of biz theory and best practices, but it won't be from the traditional position. This is biz theory for the intuitive, creative soul!!
How can I access all the materials? What format are the classes in?
All archived workshops and group calls will be housed on a group page on my website. You will be given a username and password to access them and will need internet access to use or download them. For the most part these workshops will be videos (mp4) and PDF's. But if needed, I can make sure there are audios also available for convenience!! Workshops and calls will take place on Zoom or another service like it, so you log in from either the computer or a phone.

Special time sensitive bonus!!!

If you become part of the Inner Circle before April 14th, 2017, you will get an extra Biz Shine Clarity session! 

Just think of it, you get just for being a member. But now you'll have a second session in your back pocket to pull out when you're stuck or ready to blast off!

That's an extra $120 in savings!!

-127Days -4Hours -12Minutes -33Seconds

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