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 I fell in love with Desire Mapping a while back and have used to plan everything from my home life to my business. This is the one book and course I would suggest to anyone consider making life changes or life coaching to begin with. This is the one thing that has kept me going in my darkest times…choosing happiness, choosing my own terms. Learning to Desire Map was not only addictive because it feels so real, honest, and powerful, but it provided the clarity I needed, the confidence I couldn’t get through without, and the inspirations to make my dreams take flight before my eyes. I had to share it with everyone I knew, my friends, my family, my clients! I want you to have the life you want!

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I am an Intuitive Spiritual Master life coach, helping those who need help developing their life purpose, passions, and gifts! I work with people who want to be their own Super hero and discover their Super Secret Powers. I have my Master coaching certs in Spirituality coaching, Confidence coaching, Life purpose and Passion coaching, Laser coaching, and Fear and Anxiety coaching through IICS. Let's discover how your super secret powers will change your life and your world today!

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