Inner Priestess Attunement Package for the Biz Goddess

Like a priestess of ancient times, I heard the call and felt excited to be able to serve.

I understood my light was unique and needed in this world and so I set about

learning everything you could, the healing arts, divination, clearing your energy,

and embracing the Divine Spark and power within you.  Getting certified for,

attuned to, and cleared of this, that and the other thing.


Yet, I still felt called to go deep, serve in a greater way.

I committed to making my mission my profession and began the path of the entrepreneur.

I really believed each certification and class would be my last. That I would finally

"get it" and feel full, confident in my value and capabilities, ready to blast off

and have success in my life as a legit, "professional" healer, seeker, and spiritual teacher.

The Sacred path of the Entrepreneur is

that of becoming a

High Priestess of your own business temple.  

Its a mindset and soul shift you can't fake. No marketing technique is going

to make up for the fact that you aren't showing up to lead your business and clients. 

If you haven't fully activated your inner biz priestess,

    • You will struggle to feel confident about your value, your capabilities, and your ability to make a heart-felt offer.


    • Be resistant to putting yourself out there, making an offer, developing a strong brand, taking selfies, or welcoming soulmate clients into your life.


    • Have trouble making sales calls, follow up, accepting feedback, and creating sales relationships.


    • Have a hard time getting the clarity you need to stand behind your process, your value and pricing, your boundaries, your experience, and your time and energy.


    • Sabotage yourself by putting only the bare minimums out, or not following through on the things that will actually get your soulmate's attention.


Walking the path of the Sacred Entrepreur takes

Leadership of self and others

Crystal clarity about what your magick does and how it helps people

Whole-hearted, Centered Soul Shine 

Fierce devotion to being present for your business temple, marketing, and soul mate clients

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