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Downloading and Calls

How do get a question answered on the coaching calls?

Post your question in G+ ahead of time (with the category Question for Coaching Calls selected).

We will do our best to get to all the questions on each call, but if we run out of time for your question, we’ll get it on the next call.

What if I miss calls?

If you can’t make a call, it’s all good! We’ll post a link of the recording in our G+ community as soon as we can, and it will stay available in the call archives as long as the group is in existence. As described above, you can also post questions ahead of time in G+ with the category “Question for Coaching Calls, and we’ll do our best to get to your question.

Where do I access the call replays?

On the Call Recordings page.

I’m having trouble downloading a recording. How do I do it?

Click the download link to go to the playback page. On the playback page, in your browser navigation bar, choose File > Save Page As.

When are the monthly calls? How long are they?

Call dates may change depending on our schedules. We will post dates + times on the Coaching Calls page and always send out a reminder ahead of time.

We schedule the calls to last about 45-60 minutes.


Where is the online community?

We’re on Google+ because the features are nice and clean for groups there. Hop over to our private G+ Divinely Aligned community group and click the red Ask to Join button. We’ll get you in asap.

How do I get into the Google+ group if I don’t have a Google account or didn’t register with my Gmail address?

To use your Google (or gmail) account, make sure you are logged into it and then go to the Divinely Aligned Community and click Ask to Join. If the name associated with your Google account is basically the same as the name you registered with, we’ll recognize you and approve you.

Or, if you don’t have a Google (or gmail) Account or don’t want to use that account, create a new one like this:

  • Go to our DA community page and click the red Join Google+ button.
  • On the next page, click the red Create An Account button and follow the prompts to create your Google Account.
  • Click Continue to Google+ and activate your Google+ account by following the prompts. Click Finish.
  • Now that you are signed in, go to the DA community page and click Ask to Join.

How long do I have access to the Member Area?

For as long as you’re a paying member and as long as the group exists!

Can I get answers from Lindsay in the G+ group?

If you have a question for Lindsay, post it to the G+ group with “Questions for Coaching Calls” selected. She will do her best to answer all questions as time permits on the calls. While Lindsay will pop into the Google+ group when she can, it’s not possible for them to see or address every comment or question outside of the calls. We also encourage you to ask questions of your fellow community members in the Google+ group. You may be surprised by how helpful they can be!

Billing, Payments, and Cancellations

How do payments work? Are there refunds? Can I cancel any time?

Like most memberships, the payments are automatic each month (or at 1,6, or 12-month intervals, depending on the package you buy) so you don’t have to think about them. You can cancel at any time. Bear mind that there are no refunds for months you’ve already purchased.

How do I cancel? What happens once I cancel?

Note: When you leave the community, please contact anyone you want to stay in touch with privately, rather than announcing your exit in the G+ group, as we’ve had complaints that this “brings the group down.” We want to keep the G+ group focused on supporting active members. In keeping with this policy, public exit announcements will be deleted. And…we still love you.

If your payments are through Paypal: Log into PayPal and click Profile + Settings (in “new” PayPal, access it from the menu button in upper right corner). Then click My Money > My preapproved payments (Update). Click the link for BWG and you’ll see the option to cancel it.
If you are paying through credit card: Please open your latest invoice and follow the “Manage Your Order” link to change or cancel your subscription. To cancel your payment, click  “Let your subscription expire when the current period ends.”

Once you turn off the auto-renewal (through either method), you will no longer be billed.

If you have trouble with canceling, let us know at

What happens if I get banned?

While I hope this never happens there is no way to predict how everyone will react to all of the thing said in group or if someone is warned twice about guideline violations. Yet sometimes this might be the best solution if a member cannot abide by the guidelines we have set or if resolution cannot be immediately found. If someone is banned at from the 1st of a month to the 15th of a month, I will refund that last month of the subscription.

Can I “pause” my membership?

There is no technical way to pause your membership. Rather, if you need to leave and come back later, simply cancel your membership and then, when you’re ready to return, click the JOIN button at Divinely Aligned Community at (We can’t garuantee we’ll still have space available in the group, but we have recently expanded our enrollment limits so there’s a good chance we will.)

Contacting Support

Is there another issue or tech question you need to contact us about? Just send it to and a team member will get back to you asap.


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