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Weekly Guidance

weekly stars and cards: Invoke your destiny

Weekly Stars and Cards Reading: September 25th, 2017: Invoke your destiny

Last week was action-filled, this week we can take a breather....thank the Gods!! Happy Belated Mabon!! The Goddess Sige comes ...
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weekly guidance sept 18th

Weekly Guidance: Sept. 18th, 2017: We have this guidance for a reason. We owe it to ourselves to see where this takes us.

Action, action, action is the theme this week. It's not so much that we'll be forced into action, it's that ...
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weekly guidance sept 1017 listen for spirit on a deeper level

Weekly Guidance: September 10th, 2017: Listen for spirit on a deeper level

This week the planets are going to be giving us a bit of refresher on all the insights about who ...
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Weekly Guidance: Dream big and take big action.

September month and Weekly Guidance: August 28th, 2017: Dream big and take big action. The Universe wants to rise to meet you!

Feeling better now that Saturn is stationed direct in Sagittarius? I know I am. Now that Saturn is moving direct ...
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Learn to embody higher energies.

Weekly Guidance: August 21st, 2017: Learn to embody higher energies

  Happy Eclipse and New Moon!!  The Moon card came forward this week to remind us to go inward.  Solar eclipses ...
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weekly reading august 14 17: what's your balance point between ideals and action

Weekly Guidance: August 14, 2017: Where’s your balance point between ideals and action?

Where's your balance point? This is going to be another busy-feeling week, and if we're not grounded, we're going wonder ...
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Weekly reading

Weekly Guidance: August 7th, 2017: Trust you are in the perfect place at the perfect time

What's Rising within you? As we're heading into the beginning of the Eclipses, today and tomorrow, we're having a bit ...
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August monthly reading and weekly reading: 7/31/17: Take your mountain head on!

Can you feel the energy shifting already? As we move further into August, loves, keep in mind that feelings of ...
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Weekly Reading: July 24th, 2017: It’s time to take the hero’s journey!

What's going to fuel your revolution, lightworker? The next two months is going to be intense, loves. It's time to ...
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What revolution are being asked to spark?

Weekly Reading: July 17th, 2017: What revolution are you here to create?

The emotional energy is rolling right along this week and it's our job to hear the deeper message. It's going ...
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