What is coaching?

free life coaching sessionArticles and resources for learning about life coaching and how it it works.

Am I a sensitive or psychic? What labels do you resonate with?

Over the course of my vocation as a soul reader, I have often been asked whether I thought someone was ...
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Crack the Goal secret: How to create goals and plans you’ll love to meet!

Before I heard about life coaching, goals and planning seemed like a huge mystery to me. I was not a ...
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The Happiness Meme Ebook– free for subscribers!

 Get the happiness meme ebook today, it’s free!! Sign up for free as a member of Super Secret Powers to ...
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30 Positive things you can do to change your life

As I was browsing around today, I found an article espousing 30, seemingly simple, Positive things anyone can do to ...
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Super Secret Powers…Really?

Well, yeah!! Super Secret Powers are cool! And it’s super fun to say….you know you want to…say it three times ...
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Who do I coach–FAQ

Do I accept all potential clients as regular paying clients? Short answer: No. Long answer: I hope that didn’t upset ...
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