Savvy-Quote-Your-desire-to-change-must-be1This week's power-up is all about the DESIRE. Desire isn't only about sex and romance. Desire is about wanting, longing, aching for something. It contains the seeds for life purpose, our Super Secret Powers. Desire is one of the powers of Love, potent, exhilarating, and always heart-felt. But it can consume us, if we let it. It can be innocent, but it can also be wild. What is your relationship to your deep, soulful, intense desires?

The longing, the ache, the fire that eats at you. It has us so shaken that we are weak from the wanting. The burning need to fill that void deep within you, to over flow with power and passion. We think we need it so badly that we can't live without it. It's totally frustrating and bewildering when you don't understand it. The dream that holds you safe at night. Sometimes you can't decide if it's the thing that will help you enter into Heaven or Hell. In that lightening fast moment between clarity and inspiration it strikes.


I'm talking about DESIRE, with a capital “D”.


Like fear, sometimes the message of desire can trick our bodies into believing something is wrong. It feels like desire is telling us that we are missing something that we desperately need to have in order to survive. But most times, that desperately desirous feeling doesn't do any real good. To be desirous is a natural state and it's usually one based in love or concern. Yet, desperation is born out of fear. Living out of desperation is living in a state where we are starving our soul and emotions. In desperation, you will never feel full, satisfied nor well. This is especially true when we are fixed on desiring external things like other people's reactions or even things.


Healthy desire is focused inward.

Healthy Desire speaks to love, not fear.


Most of the time, even when we think we want something or someone, what we really are chasing is a feeling. For example, while we may want money to pay some bills off, what we really want is perhaps:

Freedom from the bank


Freedom to choose something else for ourselves

Control over our own money


Confidence for having completed something

Confidence for overcoming a challenge

Belief that you can be free of debt

Freedom from bill collectors




All those feelings just from paying off some bills!

And what would happen if you intentionally used those feelings to keep yourself motivated and working toward your goal?


Many MML or direct sales companies ask their consultants to find their big “Why” to get them in touch with their power and passion. But those companies want us to use our beautiful and powerful emotional why's to push ourselves into doing aspects of the jobs that we might hate, like making follow up phone calls or doing some booth work.

That rarely works as easy as they say it does.

Don't like making phone calls? Tough, get out your why and suck it up. It doesn't matter how we feel about it, we just have to do it to make the sale, build the widget or deal with life.


But do we?

You're persistence might get you some sales, you might catch someone as they are just about to run out of the moisturizer you just got in. But is that the kind of sale you really wanted to make? Or are you relieved that the “icky” part of the sale is over and that, at least, you got a little cash in your pocket for all the stress? What would happen if you used that beautiful and powerful “why” to do something that makes you feel truly powerful and empowering?


There is a big difference between generating power to make yourself do something and then generating power to do something you actually and truly desire to do. Wouldn't it be doubly powerful to generate all those good feelings around your effort to do something you truly desire?

Could feeding your desires turn a longing into a Super Secret Power?


True Desire is lasting.

True Desire is more than a craving.

Desire is more than a need.

Desire is succulent.

Desire is transcendent.

Desire is engaging.

Desire is in-line with the needs of the universe and the Divine.


But Desire is satisfying in the same way biological hunger is satisfied—temporarily.


We live with desire like we live with hunger, in the present moment, with wisdom, and moderation. We cannot go without feeding our desires. We cannot live by feeding from just one type of desire all our lives...just like power, which we talked about in last weeks power up. We need to keep feeding ourselves and our desires. That doesn't mean we binge, taking a trip to the all you can eat smorgasbord of desire and power, it means we make a desire (and power for that matter) meal plan---a way to satisfy that hunger and get the most out of our actions. Like any other successful meal plan, our power and desire meal plan should take into account our long term goals and our daily feelings.


We need to learn to seek the balance of Power, the balance of Desires, the balance of Life. It's just one of those things, that satisfying desire is not the goal at the end of the road, it's not the destination.  Your dance with desire, your desire meal plan, your relationship to your desires is the thing that is satisfying.


Your desire is the fuel to the rest of your life! It's a super secret power!


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